Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Beginning to blog!!!

Well I am spending so much time getting the technology sorted on this that I haven't had time to write anything.... not too good for a wordaholic. Anyway my friend Babs has introduced me to the world of blogging and I think I may become hooked ( as usual for me) .

So what have we learnt so far you ask? Well I have set this up and tested it to see if I can blog from work by email and yes I can... very handy when whiling away a moment whilst waiting for students to arrive. The other very useful thing about that is blogging by email means I can very easily blog from internet cafes, on hols, with out a load of messing about siging into things and maybe having trouble with browsers etc as was the case this summer in Rome and Poitiers. I have also set things up so I can email a picture and text to Flickr (photo sharing system on line) and this is automatically posted on the blog. Now that's clever isn't it. The final and very clever thing I havbe arranged is I can send photos from my mobile phone through flickr direct to the blog. I think the text from the message should be displayed but had no luck with that yet. Maybe as my phone only uses MMS as I am only pay as u go and have no real email system... or maybe I didn't do it properly. Trouble is sending pix through the phone costs about 40p a time so I don't plan to experiment with that too much.

As for the look of the thing Babs very kindly introduced me to blogskins (sounds vaguely rude I know) but that is a way of personalisng the look of your blog. I have tried a couple and they are lovely but went back to an ordinary template from Blogger after the whole text disappeared. Will play more later and let you know!!!
Do you know that little chap took me 20 minutes to put on ..... I'm off now!!

But he took only 2 minutes!!!

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