Monday, December 26, 2005

The essence of Christmas

Well here we are Boxing Day already! How did that go so quickly? Saw all the kids which is the main thing . Our daughter came down for the morning with her husband and our grandson and we had the grand present opening as well as the placing of Jesus in the crib. Our younger son came home for Christmas dinner (well he had been out all night!) and our elder son and his wife came in the evening.
In between times we were driving back and forth to Colne to get my stepmother up and ready and then back after she had wakened up properly to bring her on for the day , then back home in the evening... so it did feel like a lot of running about inbetween cooking and playing the hostess with the mostest!! Thank goodness for kind husbands who did some of the running round and entertaining my 83 year old stepmother who has altzheimer's.

I decided to put this photo on to mark Christmas Day 2005 as it is, for me, what Christmas should be all about!

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