Saturday, February 18, 2006

Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks
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Had a visit to Brimham Rocks near Ripon in yorkshire yeserday. What an amazing place. Overlooking Nidderdale it is a photographer's heaven. Having said that I took loads of pix but only two or three were half way decent.. just carried away by the rocks and the sunshine I think.
The rocks are a wonderful place to take older kids as they can be let loose and there are lots of places for them to have a scramble round. I was amazed and horrified though at the sight of a couple of dad's who were scrambling up rocks carrying 18 month old babies and 3 year olds (yes one man carried two of them) up onto rocks which had 50 foot drops. I couldn't bear to watch in the end and had to turn away. Maybe I am just too protective but it seems bizarre to me to risk your kids falling just for the sake of a good pic or a nice view.
Apart from that 'It's a grand day out'.


Graham Chastney said...

When I was younger we camped at Brimham Rocks. When we got there the field was at the bottom of one of the cliffs with fabulous views. On the first night it rained "cats and dogs". By the morning all of the tents were floating. Still the absailing was great.

Mark said...

Maybe it's an ego thing with the Dads. They need to feel they are still able to do it.

Mind you both our kids walked to the top of Snowdon, - well from the cafe to the top, though I did carry them down.