Saturday, January 13, 2007

House moving

Well we put the house up for sale in november. We sold it immediately as it is a lovely house. however the sale fell through the week before we were due to move. So we spent Christmas sitting on boxes in between showing viewers around. We got a buyer again within a week but we are still allowinig viewers round as it isn't really sold until we exchange contracts (the agent says!).

It is the nicest house we have ever lived in. Lovely views over the garden. We can watch the boats on the canal. We have stained glass and beautiful original fireplaces. The house is on four floors thoguh. We still have a coal fire and the coal is in the cellar... at the moment it's ok but the coal bucket seems to be getting heavier. So time for a move with kids grown up and grandchildren arriving ....
See here for photos

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