Thursday, February 07, 2008

Grout paint

Grout paint
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We have been decorating our kitchen and decided to paint the tiles too. After painting them then we decided we needed grout paint too. Off to B n Q once more and bought a grout paint pen. Great...nearly finished... last weekend whilst Steve finished off the walls , tiles etc. I opened the grout pen .... IT WAS BLACK!!! ....Who has black grouting?

It didn't say it was black on the pen itself and as you can see it looks like it's white with the white bar across the middle. As it was more than £5 we took it back to the store. On arriving at B n Q we were told we should have known it was black as the pen cap was black. After a great struggle they let us have our £5 back and we bought some white grout paint... identical, except with a white cap .... the manager eventually agreed it was very misleading. ... we went back to B n Q for something else today and they are still on sale ... wonder how many other people will fall for it too.

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