Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Keeping his eyes on everything!

How does time go so quickly? Our grandson since starting school has turned from a sweet little toddler to a schoolboy in a matter of weeks. He is so much fun these days wanting to know what 'this says' in books and what everything is to be used for. He has just finshed his second reading book at school.. having successful mastered all the words... well should I say BOTH the words (he is only 4).

He found this magnifying glass which kept him quiet for alittle time at the weekend. I couldn't resist the photo. Not a good photo technically but it just makes me think of the stage he is at now.. examining everything!

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Mark said...

Children are fabulous at this age. They seem to be learning so fast.

There were times with my pair that I thought I never would be able to keep up.