Sunday, January 01, 2006

Yachts in Lancashire.. Thanks Prue!

Yachts in Lancashire
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Well New Year's day and time for a long walk to blow those cobwebs away. As ever in Lancashire in winter the weather always has to be considered.. however briefly. It was looking good and so we decided to take our friend's (Prue) advice and set off for Clowbridge Reservoir. It was just so beautiful. The sky was huge and ever changing. The sun kept popping in and out all afternoon and kept playing about on the hillsides. I had the camera of course and took loads of photos. It was quite dark though and so only about half a dozen were any good ( sun came out for real about 2pm )and of those maybe I liked three... but they are three very nice ones. The first of these is this one.. Yachts in Lancashire.

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Mark said...

Lovely picture. A great 2006 to you and your family.