Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Walking over the moors.

We decided to walk from Widdop Reservoir over the tops to Worsthorne near Burnley Lancashire. We took the old pack horse route . It was beautiful but very , very windy. We made this little video for a friend of mine Trish who is unable to get out and about at the moment and I promised we would think of her on the moors so she could be with us in spirit!! We made a very short video with the camera. The terrible noise is the wind. It starts pointing over to Upper Gorple reservoirs yorkshire and ends looking towards Pendle Hill.

So here you are Trish . hope it works!

Click on the little arrow under the pic and let the video stream in jerkily.. it may take a minute or two to start and it may keep stopping. Once the green line underneath has got to the end click on the little arrow to play it again and it will play smoothly!

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Mark said...

Countryside look very impressive and my type of walking. Now I've got my digital thingymajig, I hope to be doing a bit more on my blog.

Thanks for the advice abaout picaso software. You don't half get a lot for nothing, - what's the catch?