Monday, October 17, 2005

Burnley from the canal embankment/ one horizon 2005 12 noon

I joined a group called One Horizon on 'flickr' a couple of weeks ago. By joining this group you were agreeing to go out and take one photo of an horizon to be displayed to the group. I took this one which is my favourite and I took two others up on the moors over the town (you could contribute 3). It was great to take part in something so big. When I got up on Saturday morning the Japanese and New Zealand photos were already there and people were sending in photos and messages all day about how the trip had gone and the weather conditions for photography. !! There were horizons from the desert, from huge cities like Tokyo and from Alaska with ice clad walkers! It was really good fun and all the photos will be made into a poster and a website for the contributors as a keepsake.

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