Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sailing into the sunset!

Sailing into the sunset!
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Good weather at last!!! After several days of heavy rain we awoke on Thursday, Steve's birthday, to glorious sunshine. I finished work at lunchtime and we set off for a pub lunch and and a long walk on the canal. It was just so perfect. We were even blessed with the sight of this narrowboat gliding under this bridge.. quite rare these days with all the bad weather we've been having.
The canal loooked wonderful with the sun on it and even up there at windy Barrowford it was still enough to get some good reflection pix.

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Mark said...


Had a chance to have a good look through your pictures on Flickr. I'm really impressed, and I am pleased to see you are a blogger as well.

From your description, it sounds like it was a great afternoon, finished off, I hope, in some canalside pub!

Many thanks for your kind comments on Bethen's pictures, she was really chuffed. She and Jayne will be posting again soon after our trip to London.