Sunday, October 23, 2005

Day at the Penguins

Day at the Penguins 8- Me
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Last night we watched the March of the Penguins. A geat film for everyone. Today on flickr I opened the photos page and there I found some photos from a young British woman and her friends working and living in the Antartica . Here she is with the penguins. Isn't that just fascinating!!

As for us here on a very grey and wet Lancashire day .. we were anticipating a brisk walk round one of the reservoirs at the top of the valley but the weather was very threatening and ended up entertaining our grandson for couple of hours whilst his mum and dad went to pick his Christmas present. We all had a meal together and our grandson taught his mum how to play Thomas the tank engine snap!!!... maybe not quite as interesting as the photo here but we do our best!!!

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Frances said...

No problem with the link to your blog.

To be honest, your day sounded great too!! Being out here for a continuous 2 and a half years has made me appriciate spending as much time as possible (doing little insignificant things or whatever) with my friends and family.

So how was that film? Desperate to watch it.