Friday, October 21, 2005

Never plan ahead!!!

On the Leeds to Liverpool Canal
Originally uploaded by Jaxpix50.
Well here we are well into October and since we came back from France in August the weather has been remarkably good.

Every weekend we say 'Come on, lets getout.. it won't last forever. We have never made plans just waited until Saturday morning to see and then set off.

So as it's been so good I got myself some new walking boots in the week, and we had a look on the internet at Ingleton Falls walk.. recommended by a friend. Worked out the route to get there and the walk round the falls themselves.. weather forecast???

Pouring down all weekend it says. Typical!

Never mind we will probably be able to have a slither along the towpath at some point , don't think it will be quite as nice as in the pic though!!

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