Monday, September 12, 2005

And did those feet!

Originally uploaded by simonski.

We watched 'the last night of the proms' on Saturday night and as it finished we couldn't help but say how wonderful the BBC is. Where would we be without it? It has the most amazing website imaginable; it allows you to keep in contact with the UK wherever you are,when we go to France for the summer our main contact with England is through Radio 4; and then it organises events like this.

We were delighted to see that this year the whole nation was involved with simultaneous concerts in various parks around the UK. The organisation of the rendering of 'And did those feet...' is mind bending and yet it worked perfectly.

One of the striking things about the evening was the fact that we seem to have claimed back our Union Jack flag from the BNP (British National Party). Whilst I am not tremendously patriotic for the UK, I always felt sorry that the flag had been comandeered by this group and people have since then been afraid carry the Union flag in case they were seen to have BNP mentality.

So well done the BBC and thanks to Simonski on flickr for putting his photos from a park prom so we are able to get a 'park view' of the concerts rather than our usual fireside view.

The rest of Simon's photos are here.

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