Sunday, September 04, 2005

Settle and its hills

Settle and its hills
Settle and its hills,
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Had a day in Settle yesterday. The weather was gorgeous and the hills around were spectacular. Living here in border country of Lancashire and Yorkshire (but definitely in Lancashire) means we have constant views of hills. The hills mean we get lots of rain of course but I really wouldn't like to live where there are no hills even if it meant better weather.

As we were driving back from Settle and we saw the 'back of Pendle' rising in the distance it made me think what a glorious hill it is. it doesn't matter from where or when you look at it, it always looks different. My favourite view of it is the view from my home town Colne... in fact I have just bought a Keith Melling print of that view. To me that's Pendle exactly.

It can tell you the weather of course.. the rhyme goes
'When Pendle Hill doth clear appear ye men of Colne have no fear,
When Pendle Hill doth wear its hat ye men of Colne beware of that'....

I think it's about the weather or could it be something more sinister???

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