Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Blackpool 'lights'

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September holidays here, which of course means the obligatory visit to the 'lights.' I must be getting old as I actually enjoyed nature's lights, a lovely sunset, rather than the illuminations themselves. Our peaceful stroll along the prom on a quiet Monday evening looking at the lights pales into insignificance when compared to the childhood excitement of standing up in Uncle Harold's side car (probably be arrested nowadays) or squashed into a 'sharrer' with lots of others .. craning their necks en route for the first view of the tower and the promised threepenny bit for the winner (yes I am so old I remember threepenny bits.) Then the drive throught the lights themselves with the communal 'ooohs' and 'aaaahs' and finally perhaps a shared bag of chips with my sister if I hadn't nattered too much for rock and monkeys on sticks etc. I think I must have been a real 'I want' sort of kid.

Don't get me wrong the lights were lovely and we did recapture the old excitement on occasions especially as hundreds of bikers drove through the town pipping and cheering. Our evening was brightened even more as they paraded along the prom road with flashing reflections from the lights themselves. Everyone clapped and cheered as they rode past.

For us though the most glorious part of the evening was watching the sun set. It was beautiful and it is years since we saw the sunsetting over the sea. We get withdrawal symptoms if we don't visit the coast once a month. We are such an island race aren't we?

Actually the most welcome lights of all were the lights of the RAC man on the motorway as he came to our rescue after we drove over some thing huge, metal and pointy which burst the inside wall of one of our tyres.

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