Friday, September 02, 2005

House hunting

Well what started off as a good fun day turned into a house hunting day. We have been thinking for ages about a move. We have been here for 12 years and as the area has changed we have started to feel maybe we should live a bit further out of the town and have a little peace and quiet. We have always loved it here and the house is wonderful ..tall Victorian terraced with stained glass window and a lovely garden but it is very near to town and becoming more and more difficult with parking, litter etc.

Anyway it was such a nice day we decided to have a drive out. First we had a look on the internet to see if it was possible to get anything decent for about the same value as this and after about half an hour we realized that ours is probably worth about £30/40 thousand more than what we thought. Anyway we had a drive round and we saw some quite attractive 3 bedroomed semis for about the same price as this.. at the moment we do want to keep the house in France .. anyway we were really pleased. We do want to have another garden and we were thinking perhaps we would only be able to afford a small terraced house with just a back yard if we didn't sell in France.

So we are on the hunt. We probably won't go on the market for a bit as I am still working but I think next year we will be looking towards getting this on the market and who knows....
I am putting a pic of a very nice house we saw... we don't anticipate looking round anything yet as it seems unfair to get people's hope's up but we are both quite excited at the prospect of a move!!!

By the way still experimenting here, this is being sent by email with a picture of one of the houses we looked at attached.

No must have to go through flickr to do that... put this photo on manually from here... ah well never mind!

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