Tuesday, September 06, 2005

September holidays loom

Well here we are all ready for the September holidays next week. I had to break the news to the students today who were a bit upset at the thought of no class. I am looking forward to spending time with Joseph as we have really missed him since he has been at school.

Work is really settling down now and the class is beginning to 'gel'. It's fascinating watching all the different personalities trying to work together as a group. Already I am receiving homework by email which is great . Students these days are so much more computer literate than previously . It's about 2 years since I asked the question 'Who has an email address?' and only two students put their hands up . I asked this class and only one student hasn't!!!! Not bad as I teach adults not youngsters. There are online computers, in the classroom where I teach, which the students have free access to. Things at work have really changed in another way. As I am now hourly paid it was always expected we attend meetings for nothing... not now.... I have just got back from a meeting where I was paid extra to go. I won't tell you how much but it was worth walking down for.... especially as I got home in time for he Bill. On that note I am going to watch it now.!

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