Sunday, September 18, 2005

Salford Diocese Celebration

As part of a celebration of the cultural diversity of the diocese of Salford today a group from church travelled to the cathedral in Salford to take part in a Mass. There we heard unbelievable singing . There was an African choir who you can see and hear below, a Filipino choir, Pakistani group, and even a Chinese choir.
The African group were amazing as they sang in lots of different languages including French and Swahili Languages which reflected where the singers had originally come from.
I was also surpised to find a Chinese choir and that when they sang it was delightful. I just never thought there would be Chinese Christians in any great number but there were lots there. Of course coming from this area of Lancashire I did expect to find lots of Pakistani Christians. In fact there were lots of parishioners on our bus who sang in English with us and some Psalms in Punjabi as a warm up en route to Salford.
When we went to recieve communion it was fantastic to feel a part of something which has reached out to all these continents and peoples. Everyone looked as if they had the same feeling of wonderment.

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