Friday, September 23, 2005

View from the tow path

View from the tow path
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I'd be the first to admit that NE Lancashire has had its fair share of problems, however people who have never been here think that its all dark satanic mills. How wrong can you be? The Leeds to Liverpool canal built to supply those 'dark satanicmills' now provides us with the perfect place for leisure pursuits.

Our house and garden actually overlook the canal and it is amazing the huge number of people who use it. Not only is there a fair amount of leisure boat traffic during the summer but there are also many walkers , bikers and joggers. One of the nicest things about our canal is that of course, as it was built to supply the cotton mills (now no longer here) with coal from Wigan and cotton from the port of Liverpool, it does run through the centre of busy towns like Burnley and Blackburn. This makes it the perfect 'scenic route' for people just walkng into town to do the shopping.

This photo was taken a little further out of town near to Fouldridge just outside Colne and perhaps here in the town it is not quite so pretty. However the old industrial architecture and views of the valley here are very under-rated.
Ok I know I am beginning to sound like an advert now.. pity I don't do bed and breakfast!!!

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